Q: Why is sugaring better than waxing?

Sugar is applied at body temperature - there is no fear of burning like waxing. Warm sugar is safe to use on all skin types. Sugar cannot remove live skin cells because of the water content in the paste so it will not rip or tear the skin like waxing can. The application of the paste removes hair in the direction of the hair growth making it a more comfortable experience and leave the skin soft and smooth. 
Sugar is gentle and will only stick to dead skin cells and hair. This means a more comfortable experience for you.
Sugar is water soluble. If you don't like the preview of your eyebrow shape for instance, we can gently remove the sugar with a damp cloth and start again! No mistakes!
Sugar is made with all natural ingredients. It's so safe, you could eat it! No perfumes and added chemicals means no red skin or bumps to deal with the next day!

Q: What is the sugar paste?

Sugar paste is similar to the consistency of soft toffee and glides on smoothly. The soft sugar is pressed and smoothed onto the skin and removed with a gentle flick of the wrist. This is great for sensitive areas or thinning out peach fuzz!

q: How long should my hair be for my appointment?

Unlike waxing, your hair doesn't need to grow out for weeks. For your initial appointment we recommend your hair grow for about 5-8 days prior. This ensures a successful first appointment for you. However, the Alexandria Professional® technique requires only 1/16″ (2mm) or less of hair growth for body treatments after your initial appointment, eliminating the long wait between salon visits and customer frustration. Every treatment makes your hair easier to extract. You will notice that as you continue to sugar, your hair will grow in finer and sparser, eventually leading to permanency.

TWO Days before: Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells  

The day of: Use Salt Spring® to prep the skin. Take a bath (for legs) or mix some in a spray bottle with water to prep the area. This will help loosen the hair for easier removal. 

Do not moisturize the day of your appointment. The cream will make the hair too soft and the sugar will glide right off leaving your hair. If you are having your underarms done, wash your deodorant off prior to your appointment.

Avoid caffeinated drinks 4-6 hours before your appointment as caffein may cause your skin to be more sensitive.

Do not tan the day of or the day following your appointment. With all the dead skin cells removed, your skin will be too sensitive to sun exposure. We will not apply sugar to sunburned skin.

If you are nervous and are worried about pain, to take tylenol or motrin 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Note: clients taking retinol-A or accutane should not participate in sugaring.

q: What should I do before my appointment?

When your sugaring treatment is over we will offer you a warm towel to wipe off with. Remember sugar is water soluble so warm water will take it right off. Then, you will be offered Restore™ Hydrating Lotion to use on the areas sugared. Please use this to help soothe the area. It is also recommended you use Injabulo if you feel you need some cooling relief to the area.

Don't let your hair and skin care end there! Be sure to exfoliate regularly when you shower to avoid in-grown hairs (a puffy ball doesn't count as an exfoliator). Exfoliating is very important! We sell exfoliating mits for this reason!

Do not tan within 24 hours of your treatment as your new soft skin will be too sensitive to the sun (but you can get a spray tan).

If you are having your face treated, do not apply moisturizer immediately after your appointment. For 2-3 days following hair removal from your upper lip, dab Salt Spring® on your lip to draw out the grease and to avoid white heads. Also, do not bleach in between sugar treatment as this will cause your hair to become brittle and the sugaring will be less effective.

It will take several sugaring treatments for your hair to begin to grow at an even rate. Be patient during this process. As your many layers of hair begin to even out, future sugaring treatments will leave you hair free for longer and longer!

Q: Anything I should know after my appointment?